Network Marketing – How to Present Yourself to Potential Leads

In Network Marketing how you present yourself to your potential leads is probably as important as finding the right business. If you make the wrong first impression that could mean the difference between having a successful business and failing.

When you are getting prepared to share your business opportunity with someone you first have to ask yourself how you would like to be approached and go from there.

Do keep in mind though that people are different and unique so what you may think is a good idea may not be the same for the person you are speaking with.

Here are a few things to consider before you make your first contact with a potential lead.

First: Smile, your smile should be able to be felt even if you were on the phone or even in your email. When a person is reading to something that you have written or speaking with you on the phone your smile should be felt. If you come across as miserable and desperate you will have a much harder time reaching out to these potential leads.

If you are not a person who likes to smile my advice would be to start practicing. A smile can go a long way in attracting people towards your business. Just think about it like this, you are building a foundation that is going to last you a long time and pretty soon you will no longer have to work if you don’t want to. If you like the way this sounds use that to bring a smile to your face.

Second: Listen. When you learn to listen, you learn to understand what the needs of the person with whom you are speaking is looking for. If you have a variety of options available using your listening skills will allow you to customize your conversation and product line with the needs of your potential prospect.

If you go into it having already decided what you expect from this person you may find that what they want is not in line with what you want and this can be frustrating for you both.

An experienced marketer may not need to do this because they are able to convince the prospect of what they want. This is not a method I would recommend for someone who is just getting started as this method is very difficult to duplicate.

Third: Present yourself as someone who cares. The best way to do this is to actually care. If you have trouble with this concept this might not be the best type of business for you. Network marketing is about people and making connections. The system is in the connection. I have seen my share of systems but have never really cared about the system. I join people. If I think that the person presenting me with the opportunity is someone who is worth following I will. If they have a great system it is just a bonus.

When you present yourself as someone who cares and you show that you care, you build something that is powerful and you build something that can last.